Prioritization Framework

A simple product prioritization framework we use at Peerlist to decide what to build next.

Yesterday we organized tech talks at our Peerlist HQ. During the conversation, I was asked, being a small team how we prioritize what to build next. Over the period of last 2 years, we developed a very simple prioritization framework which we use internally.

First thing first — I don't claim that this is the best feature/product prioritization framework. It's not fancy. But it works. At least for us. Also, it's for prioritizing high level product features and not the action items.

It will work for your 0 to 1 journey. And even for your side projects.

So every time whenever we come up with some new feature idea, it must impact minimum 2 out of 3 things. If it hits 3, leave everything and build. Here are those 3 things, in order.

  1. Retention
  2. Growth
  3. Monetization

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